What We Do

The Basics

If you are new to affiliate marketing you have nothing to fear; with AF you are in safe hands. At AF we thrive on introducing new advertiser's to the rewards of running a successful affiliate marketing programme.

How it works

How It Works

The publisher places an advertiser advert on their website showing the advertiser's products.

How It Works

Potential customers come to the publisher’s website and view the advertiser's advert.

How It Works

When the customer clicks the advert they will be taken to the advertiser's website.

How It Works

The customer’s sale is processed on the advertiser's website and tracked.

How It Works

A commission is generated for the affiliate.

Who will drive your sales?

On the AF platform we have 7 types of publishers and all seven can increase your sales.




Blogs, reward sites, review sites, online publications, forums and social media publishers advertise your business on their website and send targeted traffic to your website.



Cashback and voucher code websites fall within this category and this is the fastest growing area in terms of affiliate marketing in the UK. Cashback publishers give commissions back to their members, while voucher code publishers distribute your voucher code to their members in order to incentivise a sale.



These publishers create paid ads on the right hand side of organic search results on sites such as Google. The aim of PPC publishers is to get prospects to flock to their website via targeted ads and then divert that traffic to advertiser's pages in order - to generate an income.


Comparison Sites

We work with many comparison publishers who provide good quality traffic for our advertiser's.



An additional source of traffic which provides advertiser's with the opportunity to be promoted to a different kind of audience.


Onsite Conversion & Email Remarketing

Tracks a user’s mouse movements and targets them with a message if they go to abandon your website without making a purchase. Can target users based on their device, location or even weather!


Display Advertising

Serves a customer highly specific ad messages which are based on the individual’s profile and previous behaviour. Can display to users who have abandoned your site in a bid to make them return and purchase or can target new customers through ‘prospecting’.

What Our Clients Say

Three PM Ltd

Lucy Do, General Manager, Three PM Ltd / magazinesubscriptions.co.uk

"We've worked with AF for a number of years now and as a marketing avenue it has consistently performed well and proved itself to be a strong channel for MagazineSubscriptions.co.uk. We receive an excellent service from our dedicated account managers who have always been exceptionally personable and client focussed. I'd recommend Affiliate Future for the delivery of a successful affiliate campaign."

Hotel Pronto

L. Caines, Client manager, Hotel Pronto

"Since launching with AF we have been extremely impressed with the top level dedicated support we have received with Hotel Pronto, it has definitely meant our affiliate programme has grown stronger and we are very happy that we made the decision to move Hotel Pronto onto the AF platform."

FBM Holidays

Gillan Williams, FBM Holidays

"I have found Affiliate Future to be one of the most effective digital partners we have. Sales have steadily increased, which can be directly attributed to the Affiliate Future programmes. AF is a joy to work with and the account managers are the most proactive I have ever dealt with providing you with the assurance that your brand's interests are a high priority."

888 Holdings

Yigal Markens, 888 Holdings

"We started working with AF, during the summer of 2014.The partnership has been extremely fruitful. The excellent support we've had from AF means the many programmes we run go live in very little time. Our sales have grown tremendously, AF knows exactly where to promote our products, where to get the best conversion and where to get the most value out of new sales. Their tracking system works very well and is user-friendly. We highly recommend working with AF as they really understand the affiliate business and know how to deliver."


Paul Archer, Sportingbet

"Affiliate Future has supported our internal network over the last 6 months and have played a key role increasing acquisition volumes in this period. The team are a pleasure to work with and are keen to bring new idea to the table that can potentially increase volumes and revenues. Out of the networks I have worked with in this way, Affiliate Future have been the most proactive and results driven."

Golden Tours

Bharti Joshi, Golden Tours

"The service we have received from Affiliate Future has been excellent. Our AF account manager has been extremely cooperative and helpful when it has come to sorting issues out. Very efficient when recruiting new publishers, we have seen a massive increase in sales and thank AF for their efforts."

A1 Travel

Ebru Kilicarslan, A1 Travel

"AF is one of the networks All Amplified Media has been working closely with over the years. We are receiving a remarkable contribution to the growth of our clients' programmes from our dedicated account managers. Affiliate Future network enables us to reach a wider affiliate portfolio and gain meaningful partners to improve our client's programmes."

Top Rooms

Ian Hardwick, Top Rooms

"The team at AF are great to work with and are always very helpful, ensuring we are well placed to take advantage of any opportunities relevant to our sector."