AF Service Levels

Two options to suit your business

AF offers two options to join our network either as a Self Managed Advertiser or an Account Managed Advertiser. AF's Client Services Team has a wealth of experience across many different verticals and we will match you with the right account manager to grow your business fast.

  • Self Managed Advertiser

    If you want to run your own Programme then that’s OK with us. As part of being a self managed Programme you will have the following benefits:

    • AF integration and support team to get you live on the platform.
    • Full access to the AF network.
    • Network launch promotion schedule which includes actively helping you to sign-up to the top twenty publishers in your sector.
    • AF platform training: AF provides weekly online training sessions which you can sign-up for at any time.
    • AF Helpdesk: an easy way to get in touch with a member of the team, with a guaranteed response time of less than 24 working hours.
  • Account Managed Advertiser

    If you feel you don’t have the internal resources to effectively manage your programme (or you wish to look at a short term 4 month launch package) you may want to consider an Account Management Package.
    • Initial consultation involving website checks, competitor analysis and identification of key publishers in your vertical.
    • Dedicated account manager contact.
    • Top relevant publishers on the network personally contacted.
    • Top vertical specific publishers personally contacted.
    • Promotion on all relevant industry forums.
    • One to one training on using the AF interface.
    • Event planning and marketing schedule.
    • Monthly programme analysis and reporting.
    • Continual publisher recruitment against target.
    • Scheduled review meeting.
    • Inclusion in Perfect Partners networking events.