Grow your client's online sales

AF provides a platform for you to optimise your client’s digital marketing campaigns. AF has a proven track record of working alongside agencies to increase your client's online sales in conjunction with a clear focus on ROI.

Reporting Clarity

Real time reporting from an easy to use interface.

Analytics Direct

Automated monthly analytical reports emailed directly to you.

Tailored Tracking

Cost per Call tracking solution for clients who use telesales as part of their overall sales strategy.

AF Dashboard

Logging into your account has never been simpler. The AF Dashboard shows all top line information on your client's programmes performance on your homepage.

AF Paid Search Protection

Allows monitoring of your paid search for brand bidding, Ad hijacks, & trademark violations.

AF Pure Lead

Generating high quality leads for a variety of goals– email newsletters, catalogue requests, quotes or telesales leads.

What our agencies say


Simon Terry, Managing Director, SYYCO Ltd.

"Affiliate Future have given us a solid platform to help grow our Client base and have provided excellent support though all levels of management."

eAZe Media Ltd

Andy Guest, eAZe Media Ltd

"eAZe Media now manage a number of clients with Affiliate Future with additional clients currently in integration, they are an invaluable extension of our own team and a real pleasure to deal with, we find the interface easy to use and allows us to manipulate client commissions according to current offers, we can't recommend them highly enough."

Red C Marketing

Rosemary Walton, Client Services Director, Red C Marketing

"We are delighted to have continued to develop our relationship with Affiliate Future over the last 12 months to maximise the results from our clients programme and are looking forward to continuing to push it to new levels."


Gavin Male,R.O.EYE - Managing Director

R.O.EYE have worked alongside AF for a number of years on a variety of different clients. Always professional, incredibly knowledgeable and a friendly and helpful team I have always found AF to be a pro-active and diligent partner in the digital performance sector who deliver results.